Environmentally-Friendly Natural Burial Options

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Environmentally-Friendly Natural Burial Options-minNatural burial, or green burial, refers to the process of burying your loved one in an environmentally friendly way that won’t leave behind toxic chemicals as their remains are slowly returned to the ground over time. There are many great benefits to choosing a natural burial, not least of which is how it helps sustain the planet and its resources, as well as your community and local wildlife. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy if you choose natural burial options for yourself or your loved ones.

Simple Wooden Caskets

Wood biodegrades much faster than metal and can be buried in a natural cemetery that meets particular environmental standards. The wood is often locally sourced or grown specifically for use as a casket. Additionally, wooden caskets are usually less expensive than traditional metal models. When choosing to bury your loved one in a simple wooden coffin, you can opt to place other environmentally friendly materials inside — such as seeds or coffee grounds (or both!) — to create an eco-friendly garden of sorts on top of your loved one’s grave.

Cardboard Containers

People often forget about cardboard containers, but if you have a friend or relative who has recently passed away, you could do your part to help reduce waste. Cardboard caskets are biodegradable and are great for those who want to save money on funeral costs. Also, there are plenty of people out there who would prefer an earth-friendly burial experience. For example, because cardboard is not overly heavy, it makes transportation easier for both pallbearers and family members.

Woven Caskets

Constructed with either willow, wicker or bamboo, woven caskets are another environmentally friendly alternative to traditional burial. These biodegradable caskets decompose quickly and are better for forest growth than metal or wood caskets. They’re available in a range of sizes and can even be painted to match your own personal style. Unlike fiberboard, they also won’t give off toxic fumes during decomposition. Using a natural woven basket is one of many ways you can express yourself while honoring both nature and your loved ones who have passed on.


Natural burial allows people to be buried in simple shrouds. These are basically large pieces of fabric designed to cover all or part of a body after it’s been laid to rest. Unlike traditional caskets, which often contain metals and adhesives that can contaminate soil for centuries, the fabric is biodegradable and can decompose much more quickly. This helps preserve water quality near cemeteries.

Tree Pods

People who want to honor their loved ones and make a more environmentally friendly burial choice should consider tree pods. Tree pods are biodegradable, and they’ll turn into compost in just a few years, meaning no chemicals and metals will be present in the soil. The body will decompose naturally, and it’ll become part of nature. Any metal on-site can easily be recycled once everything’s decomposed, making for an all-around better environmental solution than most other choices. This is especially important because there’s been concern recently about plastics leaching out of landfills and contaminating groundwater supplies, so opting for a non-plastic burial option is definitely something we can get behind!

Biodegradable Urns

Natural burial can be as simple as you and your family building a coffin out of natural wood or as advanced as opting for a biodegradable urn. These urns will break down over time, turning into useful nutrients for any nearby plants and flowers. A loved one’s ashes can be buried in these urns along with seeds from their favorite flower or tree. This is a way to create a living memorial that ensures that your loved ones continue to care for nature even after their passing.