Cremation Vs. Green Burial

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Cremation Vs. Green Burial-minMany people are aware of the benefits of cremation, which can serve as an environmentally-friendly choice when choosing how to handle the remains of your loved ones after they pass away. But even cremation has its downsides, such as toxic chemicals are being released into the air when a body is burned. Green burial allows you to preserve the sanctity of the environment while still enjoying an eco-friendly option that keeps your loved ones close to you in death as they were in life.

However, majority of the people are still unaware of green burial options that will allow them to bury loved ones without as much environmental consequences and which leave less carbon footprint on the earth. The fact is that natural burials can be held on any property and result in less waste and emissions, making it one of the greenest forms of disposition available today. Green burials are slowly gaining popularity across the world as more people begin to realize just how eco-friendly they are!

Traditional Burial vs. Green Burial

With traditional burial, bodies are buried in coffins made of wood that must be treated to resist the natural elements and then placed inside an airtight vault that’s also made of wood or metal. This means that even the most eco-friendly burial requires the use of non-renewable materials like metal and wood, not to mention the release of CFCs, pollutants, and other chemicals into the ground during construction and burial. Luckily, several green burial options are available that provide more sustainable choices without compromising the care you want your loved one to receive.

Natural burial is a pretty big umbrella that covers several different types of burials. The two main options, though, are above-ground burial and in-ground burial, which you might know as a traditional burial, and above-ground casketed gravesites. In addition to those two types of natural burials, there’s also green cremation — an increasingly popular option for those who want a greener, more environmentally friendly approach to their cremations.

When it comes to selecting a funeral option, choosing between cremation and green burial is about more than just cost or location. It’s about making an informed decision based on your personal preferences, and your conscience. From saving money to respecting nature, cremation and green burial provide two distinct ways of reflecting on life while putting into action final wishes for a meaningful send-off.

Cremation vs. Green Burial

Which is better for your environment? It can be hard to know what’s best when it comes to laying a loved one to rest after their passing, especially if you’re not accustomed to dealing with death. But choosing between cremation and green burial is something many people have to face, so deciding on which option would make more sense for you and your loved ones since it can also help alleviate some stress. Ultimately, both options are environmentally friendly; however, each has its pros and cons that must be considered before you make your decision.

The major difference between them is how your body is treated after death. In one, you are burned at high temperatures while in another, you are buried in a biodegradable container so your body can return to nature over time. The choice between these two methods may come down to personal preference or if you have religious beliefs that necessitate one over another. Whatever your reasons for going with either cremation or green burial, remember that your choice will be respected.