Advantages Of Natural Burials For Providers And Clients

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Advantages Of Natural Burials For Providers And Clients-minWhat’s the best way of laying someone to rest? For thousands of years, humans have buried their loved ones in either a cemetery or simply in the ground. However, there has been a rise in the number of people choosing natural burials, also known as green burials, over traditional burial methods in recent years. If you’re considering natural burials for yourself or a loved one, here are some advantages you should know about.

Conservation of Metal Resources

Natural burials help conserve metal resources in ways that traditional burials cannot. Unlike caskets, which are often encased in metal, biodegradable burial vessels decompose naturally, meaning you won’t run out of wood or metals anytime soon. Traditional burials also require embalming fluid, which is toxic to soil and groundwater when it breaks down. These chemicals pollute landfills when cemeteries don’t recycle them. At the same time, metal caskets cost much more than wooden ones. As such, natural burials can be hundreds of dollars cheaper than traditional burial methods. Going green doesn’t only mean not harming the earth; it also means saving money and conserving resources for generations to come!

Conservation of Precious Wood Resources

One of the chief resources that we should be conserving is wood. We should not be cutting down forests to make room for greener pastures and other resources. The significant part about a natural burial is that it does not require wood to create a coffin or any other means during burial; thereby, conserving precious wood resources while still allowing nature to take its course after burial. Therefore, natural burials are better suited for conservation than conventional burials since they do not harm trees and do not add harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde that comes with embalming.

Reduction of Carbon Footprints

Many people are not aware of their own carbon footprint. They don’t even realize that daily activities like taking a shower or washing dishes have an impact on our environment. If we choose to be buried in a biodegradable casket or to be placed in a natural cemetery, we will, in effect, do less harm to the environment while still being respectful to our bodies after our passing. If we wish to reduce the negative impact we have on our environment, we should choose to have a natural burial instead.

A Safer Environment

One of the advantages of natural burials is that it keeps chemicals out of our groundwater. When a body decomposes in a traditional graveyard, chemicals from embalming fluid and caskets seep into nearby bodies of water. In turn, runoff from those bodies of water can enter our drinking supply. With natural burials, a person’s remains will be placed directly into a biodegradable casket without any chemicals. Even if your body ends up being interred above ground, there are plenty of beautiful spots to have it buried in — you don’t have to worry about runoff from burial sites entering nearby rivers or streams. You can even bury your loved one on your own property as long as you have permission from your local government.

Conservation of the Natural Habitat

When a body is laid to rest, it’s done so in a manner that not only honors those who have passed on but also serves as a source of inspiration for others. In fact, some methods of burial can even be used to benefit local wildlife and natural habitats around where they’re located. For example, woodland burials allow wild animals to search for new territory, thereby introducing them to different parts of their natural habitat. It’s all part of a process that can contribute positively to conservation efforts across a wide range of landscapes throughout the country.

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