Sharing Stories At Funeral Receptions Can Provide Comfort And Hope

Posted on April 21, 2021 by AmericanHeritage under Announcements
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Husband trying to comfort his wife due to her lossFuneral receptions are a tradition where many cultures are concerned. But how you plan one, and what you include in the funeral itself, varies between religions, the person who passed away (their final wishes), friends and relatives who remain behind, and more.

Very often, memories of the deceased are shared either among attendees or in eulogy – or both. It’s actually very healthy to talk about the friend or loved one you lost. It assists in the grieving process and helps you move on. Though initially, stories may be shared with tears, eventually, there’s every chance a smile will replace your grief. You will remember your friend or loved one fondly, and be able to tell their stories without crying, once you have processed the loss.

In addition to funeral attendees eulogizing the loved one or friend who has passed away, and telling stories among themselves, a funeral reception itself tells a story.

Funeral Receptions Tell Stories

The funeral of a friend or loved one can help others realize who they were. In ways that are meaningful and personal, a funeral reception should tell stories about the deceased. This encourages loved ones to focus on a life well lived, revisit memories, and finally, bid farewell.

Because each person is unique, each must be celebrated in a manner that suits them. During a funeral reception, there are creative ways to share a life story. Portraying your loved one’s life, everyone at the funeral reception has the opportunity to paint a picture. Telling stories helps friends and family convey the personality and character of their loved one in a manner that provides hope and comfort.

Keepsake Items

Not only are keepsake items a good thing to display at the funeral (see below) but giving those in attendance a small gift – as a way of keeping the deceased’s memory alive – is also being done. The gifts can be limited to relatives and closest friends, if need be.

Sharing Favorite Memories

Everyone probably has a favorite memory or two regarding the deceased. While some may be told in eulogy, attendees should feel free to share their stories at the funeral. This helps everyone deal with the loss. It is therapeutic. (The stories should, of course, be in good taste and appropriate.)

Treasured Items Display

The deceased likely had at least a handful of favorite things. Pick out a table or corner of the room to display these items in loving memory. These can be favorite collections of knickknacks, teacups, matchbooks, old cameras, baseball cards, and more. They are items your friend or loved one truly cherished.

Photo Collages

These have become extremely popular at funerals. Rather than just placing out photo albums for people to page through, huge collages are created and placed around the room at a funeral. To help tell the story of your friend or loved one’s life, presenting these compilations is a visual element. Videos, photo slideshows, and more can be used in addition to posters.

Let Us Help You Tell A Story

Here at American Heritage Cemetery Funeral Home Crematory, we understand how important it is to not only remember a loved one who has passed on, but to share their story. We will help you memorialize your loved one so everyone can see for themselves what an amazing person they truly were.

Both you and your loved one have a story – let us help you share it. Please contact us today.