Suggested Comfort Foods For Funeral Receptions

Posted on December 29, 2020 by AmericanHeritage under Announcements
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Aperitivo a buffet con assaggi di speck e formaggioBy nature, people tend to find comfort in a variety of ways. One way of alleviating sadness which is always present at funerals is to serve the comfort food. Serving a great meal is not about having culinary skill; it is about an understanding of the family members, their traditions and the local culture and cuisine. Here is a list of some comfort foods for a funeral gathering.

Finger Foods

Finger foods are ideal for small groups. They have the advantage of being simple to prepare, and those that do not wish to cook can contact or visit the local grocer to see what options are available. Examples of popular finger foods include deviled eggs or cucumber sandwiches.


Vegetable And Fruit Trays

Like finger foods, vegetable and fruit trays are simple to put together and inexpensive. They also provide variety and a splash of color which will brighten the reception. While some people like to put together these trays themselves, you can also hire a grocer to do it on your behalf if you’re too busy planning the funeral arrangements.


The casserole is probably the most popular dish for funerals. They are simple to reheat, can be made in endless varieties, and are absolutely delicious. Casseroles can also be frozen before the event, and because they can be prepared with all sorts of fillings, they reduce the chances of two people bringing the same one. Examples of popular casseroles include chicken casserole zucchini or turkey poppy seed noodle.


Like casseroles, salads are popular at funerals, primarily because they are light and can be readily consumed by those who are not that hungry due to their grief. They are also ideal for family members or friends who maintain a strict diet. Rather than limiting yourself to lettuce, you can add things such as pasta, bread, potatoes, fruits and even meats.

Cheese And Meat

Many people choose lunch meats or cold cuts, but it is important to exercise caution with meat because some people may have dietary limitations. Popular meats which appear at funerals include chicken (broiled or fried), pork and beef. There are dozens of different cheeses out there (especially in Europe, where cheese is very popular), and the most common include mozzarella, Swiss or provolone.


The beverages which are served at the funeral will depend on the family members and their cultural or religious practices. Serving any type of alcohol at a Muslim funeral is prohibited, but for Christian funerals wine can be a classy edition. However, it is best not to serve beer as it is a beverage geared towards a party atmosphere and isn’t appropriate.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Catering Service

Many families will be busy finalizing burial or cremation arrangements for the deceased, and this combined with planning the reception and seating will give them little time to prepare the eating arrangements. For this reason hiring a catering service can be a great way to take the weight off their shoulders. They can serve and prepare any food you request, allowing you to focus on other matters.