Should You Preneed Your Own Funeral? Here’s What You Need To Know

Posted on February 21, 2020 by AmericanHeritage under Education

Courageous Conversations

One of the most important conversations you can have with the funeral home is about arranging for your funeral services in advance (or preneeding). In fact, we look for opportunities to visit with people about preneed – but let’s face it, bringing up funerals doesn’t get you invited to a lot of parties! What we mean to say is this: it’s a topic easily avoided, especially if you’ve never thought about planning your own funeral before.
Sadly, we have most of these conversations after a major loss. When you experience loss and have nothing planned or prepared, it can be a real eye opener. That’s an unfortunate reality we see all too often. Usually after that sort of experience, people are happy to learn about a better way. Choosing to protect your loved ones from going through something like that again becomes an easy decision.

What’s the Alternative?

There’s lot’s of reasons to pre-fund your funeral arrangements. We call this sort of program a “preneed” because it’s purchasing funeral goods and services before you need them. It locks in the cost at today’s prices, saving money. If something happens before it’s paid off the bill is still covered, but once you’re done paying it off the payment goes away and you own it forever. You can purchase a preneed for cemetery or cremation expenses as well.
But the real reason to preneed your funeral – and the reason we’re so passionate about educating everyone we can about it – is so your family never has to sit across the table from a funeral director and arrange for all the things necessary to take care of you, on what might just be the worst day of their lives. Preneeding your funeral arrangements in advance shifts the focus from all those nitty-gritty details of funeral planning, to loving support of one another in their time of need. The difference is huge.

Preparing for Healthy Survivors

The bad news is, there’s no easy way. If you love, you will inevitably grieve. The good news is, we can equip those we leave behind to grieve as healthy as possible. Preneeding your funeral can provide the scaffolding your surviving family needs to focus on what’s most important during that time: celebrating your memory and comforting one another.

You can get started right from our website with our free online tools that help guide you through the process.



2 thoughts on “Should You Preneed Your Own Funeral? Here’s What You Need To Know

  1. Sandi says:

    If you move to another Town and even State, can this be transferred?

    1. Absolutely. What happens with a preneed policy is they are underwritten through an actual insurance company. What that means for you is consumer protection! If you purchase a policy from a local funeral home, and move to another city – one of two things are available.

      What we would encourage you to do is to reach out to other funeral homes in the area, and give them the opportunity to accept the preneed as is and transfer it to their firm. The second option would be to do nothing after you move. In this scenario you still wouldn’t lose the value of the policy, and could use it to purchase funeral goods and services at the current prices.

      The second funeral home is under no obligation to accept the preneed policy as-is, but most of them know if they won’t they next firm will, thus the odds are certainly in your favor. They could do so even at the time of death, but you have more negotiating power if you do all of this in advance.


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