Your pathway through grief.

Posted on March 27, 2015 by American Heritage under Grief & Healing
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The days following the funeral can be as difficult as the first moment of loss.

Grief is not something that you can see. Outwardly everything can appear fine. There are times when the only person who knows the pain you are in, is you. You get up in the morning and go to work. You come home in the evening and feed the dog. You pay the bills, you get ready for tomorrow, and you repeat the process. What others may fail to see, is that you are broken inside. Broken and torn asunder by the winds of change that have interrupted the course of your life.

Although the pain can seem overpowering, know first that others have walked this path ahead of you. They have gone through the same sense of despair that makes life seem like it will never be able to be enjoyed again. They have gone through, and have successfully come out on the other side. Healthy grieving takes work and it takes time, but finding a new normal is not out of reach.

Your deep grief matches the deep love and connection you had. You shouldn’t expect to leave your extraordinary love behind.  Although you should never seek in terms of “closure”, a new normal and an enjoyable life can be yours again in time.

-David Cole

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